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Provincial Advisory Council Overview


The Provincial Advisory Council for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities advises and informs the Minister Responsible for the Status of Persons with Disabilities on matters concerning persons with disabilities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Role and Functions

The Council:

  • Brings knowledge and understanding of disability-related issues to government
  • Advises government as it develops policies, programs, strategies and recommendations to advance the inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • Promote awareness of barriers faced by persons with disabilities and how to remove and prevent them

Membership and Structure

The Advisory Council is comprised of 12 to 18 members appointed by the Minister Responsible for the Status of Persons with Disabilities.  From amongst the members, the Minister appoints the chair of the Advisory Council to serve a three-year term. Council members are appointed for two-year terms.

Council members serve as volunteers and receive no remuneration other than reimbursement for expenses to attend meetings.

The Disability Policy Office provides secretariat and administrative support to the Advisory Council.

Application Process

Individuals who have a broad knowledge and understanding of disability-related barriers and issues experienced by people with disabilities in this province, interested in serving on the Council complete an application form for agencies, boards and commissions on the Public Service Commission website.

Consideration is given to cross-disability, regional, and urban-rural representation and gender balance. Nominations are accepted in alternate formats.

Steps in applying online:

  1. Go to the Public Service Commission website
  2. In the left blue menu bar, click on Apply Online, which directly opens to the online form page.
  3. Fill out the form and apply to any agencies, boards and commissions that interest you.

Please contact Public Service Commission or Disability Policy Office for alternate format of form.


The Advisory Council reports to the Minister Responsible for the Status of Persons with Disabilities. Under the Transparency and Accountability Act, the Advisory Council is a Category 3 Public Body and therefore must submit an annual report to be tabled in the House of Assembly. In addition, it must prepare and submit a three-year activity report.


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